Self Care

Use skin-friendly products for your daily hygiene

If you have psoriasis, you should be wary of harsh soaps as they can be hard on your sensitive skin.

The use of gentle, non-irritating shampoos, soaps or gels can also help you with your dry skin. The right soap will not prevent psoriasis or wash the patches away, however, such products can prevent exacerbation of psoriasis patches and help healthy skin to grow faster. If you suffer from psoriasis, oatmeal soap may be a good option. Oatmeal soap, particularly colloidal oatmeal, can ease the pain and itching associated with psoriasis. Additionally, oatmeal soap may also help reduce the redness of psoriasis patches. To avoid allergic reactions and chemical irritation, the use of soaps, gels and shampoos containing natural oils and herbs such as tea tree oil, avocado oil or aloe vera, might be beneficial for you.

Note, there are hundreds of varieties of products containing many different ingredients and components. Therefore, it is important to try different products and determine a skin care routine that works the best for you. Nevertheless, remember that all products you decide to include in your psoriasis treatment plan should be checked and approved by your doctor.



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