Stay positive

Stay stress free

Stay positive and learn some relaxation techniques, such as breathing exercises or meditation, to release stress and control your psoriasis symptoms.

Although stress does not cause psoriasis, researchers have observed that the inflammatory reaction of the body to stress can trigger flares. Furthermore, if lesions occur in highly visible places, you may become concerned about your appearance, which contributes to tension and anxiety. This can often turn into a vicious cycle because stress itself can worsen psoriasis symptoms.

So, how do you avoid stress when having psoriasis itself can be stressful?

Try to find effective ways to reduce stress such as meditating, getting adequate sleep, exercising regularly, talking to a therapist or participating in patient support groups/forums.

Finally, identifying the stress factors that triggered previous flares can also help you not only to avoid them in future situations, but to also deal with them in a better way.



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