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Share your experience

Discussing your psoriasis experience with people who know exactly what you’re going through can possible make you more at ease with your condition.

Sharing experiences with other people affected by psoriasis can help you to cope with your disease. Support groups can increase your self-confidence, reduce feelings of isolation and give you practical advice about living with the condition.

You can join support group meetings in your area, however, if you have a busy schedule, you can opt for joining a psoriasis support group online. You may find this an easier option as they are accessible to all with the advantage that you keep your anonymity, and you can connect with numerous people in different locations. You can join forums and discussions, ask questions, share your story and give advice. You may also find new tips on how to deal with the disease and how to keep your skin healthy from dermatologists and doctors that often post on the following website or are guests at weekly psoriasis support groups:, which is the website of the National Psoriasis Foundation, with links to regional groups in different areas in the US.

It may also be useful to get in touch with psoriasis associations.  Find below a link which may be of interest:, International Federation of psoriasis associations.



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