Self Care

Resist scratching

Avoid scratching your psoriasis lesions since it might worsen the inflammation and can eventually lead to infection.

According to an expert, itching is present between 70% and 90% of psoriasis patients. Psoriasis itch differs from other skin conditions. It can be described as a burning or biting sensation.  It is common to have the surge to scratch but, scratching can tear open your skin, making way for germs that cause infection. The infection may also lead to the appearance of additional plaques at areas of the body where there were no plaques before.

If you are prone to itching, be proactive by keeping your nails short; sleeping with gloves in your hands at night to resist the urge to scratch; or taking a short shower.  Another tip is to remove scale and flaking by using a scale softening product to reduce excess skin, for this particular solution please check with your dermatologists to know what is the best solution for your needs.

If all these remedies still do not remove the urge to scratch, try to gently rub on a moisturizer instead.  And check with patients associations or other patients to see if they have other tips that might work for you.



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