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… psoriasis can affect anyone regardless of their age?

Although psoriasis is more common in people between the age bracket of 50 and 69, anyone, including babies and young children, can develop psoriasis. However, although psoriasis does occur in infants, it is uncommon. In fact, there are few studies on the incidence or prevalence of psoriasis in children and those that do exist reveal variations between almost absence of juvenile psoriasis in Taiwan, China and 1.37% lifetime prevalence in 0-17-year-old children in Germany. The largest study on prevalence among children was carried out in Germany in 2007 and showed the prevalence of psoriasis in children younger than 18 years of age was 0.40%. In 2008-2009, a study of 2194 children in Egypt found that the prevalence of psoriasis among people of 18 years of age and younger was 0.05%.



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