Self Care

Have regular contact with your healthcare team

Talk openly with your doctor about your psoriasis symptoms, concerns, and doubts regarding your treatment plan.

As psoriasis is usually a long-term condition, you may be in regular contact with your doctor or healthcare team, so take the opportunity to discuss your symptoms, concerns, or doubts. Every patient with psoriasis is affected in a different way. Therefore, a good connection between doctors and patients is critical to ensure an optimal treatment of the disease. The right plan for an individual patient cannot be determined unless there is an open communication between both. You should be very honest about your symptoms and their impact in your quality of life as well as possible undesired side effects of your treatment, so that your doctor has all the information need to help and design the best treatment plan for you. For this reason, doctors and patients should be working together to improve communication and get on the same page about the disease and treatment.



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