Stay positive

Fight depression

If you have psoriasis, research shows you have an increased risk of depression, however, if you are aware of the risk of depression and its symptoms, you can seek help at the first sign that something might go wrong.

Some experts believe that the stigma of visible psoriasis can make people depressed. Besides depression is a well-known and common comorbidity for psoriatic patients. Furthermore depression can have a significant impact on your quality of life. It is important to recognize symptoms of depression (such as inability to sleep, lack of energy, lack of interest in things, inability to focus, etc.) and seek treatment, if necessary. Depression can aggravate psoriasis. When the disease flares, it can exacerbate your emotional concerns. Your worries can result in depression, which starts the cycle all over again. Therefore, looking after your emotional health is vital when living with a chronic condition like psoriasis, to keep the disease from controlling your emotions. Coping with the emotional, as well as physical effects, of psoriasis takes effort, however, if you focus more on your strengths as a person and less on your chronic skin condition, you will develop a positive attitude that will help you face the challenges and deal with the symptoms of depression.



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