Stay positive

Be positive

Adopting  a positive attitude could enhance your immune system and improve your quality of life when suffering from psoriasis.

When you face a health crisis, actively cultivating positive emotions can boost your immune system, counter your depression-like feelings and improve your quality of life.

Remember that you are more likely to worry about your skin appearance when you have low self-esteem. Therefore, working to build up your self-esteem is the best way to help you feel good about yourself and to keep your psoriasis in check.

Some strategies you can adopt to help you feel more at ease are, for example, to keep your negative thoughts at bay and to make sure that your psoriasis does not prevent you from doing the things you want to do or from achieving your goals. Include making a list of all your best attributes (remembering that appearance is only one amongst many aspects of who we are, and that other qualities, such as intelligence, kindness and humor also play a role in defining us) and find the “feel-good factors” of life (e.g. saying “yes” to social events, planning activities you enjoy, socializing with people who value you and make you feel good, focusing on your good parts, or taking up new activities such as joining a book, film or cooking club, etc.).



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